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Paul Meyer

Paul is a gentle, reflective man who listens intently. He knows that his clients’ real estate desires may sometimes need unpacking. He treasures opportunities to help them obtain homes that best serve their needs and is energized by the issues that challenge transactions. Underlying his mild manner, he is totally dedicated to his clients’ interests, whether selling or buying. He walks the walk and rejoices with his clients' successes in this crazy marketplace.

After turning 18  Paul left Minnesota for Wyoming and quickly became a westerner. His best summer job ever was raft guiding in Jackson Hole; during 8 summers he logged over river 10,000 miles, while leading, teaching, and experiencing groups of tourists from everywhere. After college, Paul worked with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in Oregon and then New Mexico, where he met his Memphis-born wife, Tessie. They began their family in small-town Wyoming, where their new family grew to 5. After 8 years, Paul’s work moved to Phoenix to the BLM's hazardous materials training. His latest position was here in Denver; for 20 years coordinating the agency’s restoration of natural resources harmed by chemicals. Their 4th child was born in Littleton.

Throughout his working life, Paul has always been dedicated to public service, from his river work through real estate. Paul grew up near Lake Wobegon, in central Minnesota, the oldest of six children. Educated in Minnesota, except for one high school year in Austria, he earned Bachelors's and Master’s degrees in natural sciences from the University. He still fondly remembers lake swimming, walking uphill to and from school in icy blizzards, skiing, and hunting trophy mosquitos in northern Minnesota.

Paul’s rafting experience imprinted the importance of genuinely relating to people, regardless of who they are or where they’re from. Having lived in small towns, he highly values and practices that small-town ethic of self-responsibility, accountability, and mutual respect. He expects people will do the right thing and believes it benefits everyone to treat each other with consistent respect and fairness, an ethic fostered by lasting relationships. Still, he knows that “trust but verify” is a good business motto. Paul brings that mid-western, neighborly disposition to CHR and his clients, and the sense of responsibility oldest children have, essential to being an effective agent. Persistence and consistency are hallmarks of Paul’s approach.

Paul devotes time daily and weekly to Christian prayer and church activities. Having his children and grandchildren nearby contributes greatly to his happiness. Evenings and weekends he can be found helping maintain their Littleton half-acre small “farm”. It houses a fine chicken coop and pen and a dozen happy egg-layers. Mountain hiking and camping usually fit into their schedule. Sipping a glass of red wine with family or friends, while gazing at a campfire or magnificent mountain landscape, suits him just fine.

Paul would usually like to be on the golf course, but he’ll forego the sand traps and water hazards to meet his clients’ greater needs. For him, real estate is serving the greater good. Paul has long prepared for real estate work. Since joining CHR in July 2014, he has experienced many buys and sells, and the stress of crazy markets. Once a friend asked why he’s growing a real estate practice. Did he realize that behind the fancy signs, the schmoozing, and closing parties are many hours of work, expenses, demands for patience, and anguish over the struggles of the deal? Was he committed to becoming highly proficient, totally service-minded, and providing such an important service, leading and representing people who are nervous about the most stressful transactions they ever experience? Paul answered a resounding Yes! Paul is committed to the most thorough, high-level service a client can imagine. With his keen sense of home values and rapidly growing expertise across the field of residential real estate, he is already another of CHR’s world-class agents fully prepared to deliver relationship-based experiences.

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